Saturday April 29, 2017 – 8am

Congratulations to Carmel #421’s newest Fellow Crafts – Preston Daniels and Francisco Fonseca!

This was a special joint Fellow Craft degree with our N.E.C.A. (North East Corner Assoc) affiliated brethren.

A great job was performed in the east by Senior Warden Brandon Schultz who (as per succession planning) performed the WM duties for the first time this year.  Keep up the great work Brandon.

A BIG thank you to our Junior Warden Ben Edde for putting it all together – and to “They Mayor of Carmel” Billy Sanders, PM for providing the hot coffee and a tasty continental breakfast featuring biscuits and gravy!

Much thanks to our visitor John Patton, III, PM for his weighty contribution.  Additional thanks to Jaye Blazier, PM and Harold Dickason for being there and assisting our JW in assembling the craft list. 

In addition, kudos to Chuck Thompson and JT Lambuth, SS for a near flawless crossfire!  Additional kudos go to Neil Helwig, MM who performed the JD duty for the first time, and with only a last minute warning to prepare!

Thanks to all the officers and helpers who helped make this degree a success this morning.  We are very excited about the enthusiasm our two new FC’s are showing.  We are planning for a summer MM date to highlight their ongoing Masonic journey.