Pageant is an event that takes place every year where girls from all over the state can come and compete to represent the state as Miss or Jr. Miss Job’s Daughter.

My name is Sydney Schultz and I am from bethel #68 Carmel, Indiana and I have competed in pageant for three years and this year I am the Jr. Miss Indiana.

Pageant is a great event to meet other Daughters and have a unique experience learning about your knowledge of the ritual and your interview and performance skills. Each year Pageant consists of four main events: test, messenger part, interview and the Pageant night. Anyone can compete even if they aren’t looking to win that year, for example the first year I competed I wanted to win but I was more focused on the experience and making lasting friendships.

Being Jr. Miss has lots of responsibilities and looking back I wasn’t ready for it which is why it’s important not to get discouraged if you don’t place to win your first year of competing.

Any girl should compete just to have the experience and meet daughters and make memories and friendships.


Sidney Schultz
Member of Bethel #68 and Jr. Miss Indiana


If you know someone interested in joining Job’s Daughters please contact Carmel #421 member Brandon Schultz, PM, via our Carmel #421 contact form.