On Monday, July 18th, the Daughters of Bethel 68 and Council Members were installed into their new positions.  The ceremony was conducted with the help of the Grand Bethel of Indiana including the Sr. Princess Miss Cheyenne H. and the Grand Bethel Honored Queen Miss Emily P. The Bethel was honored to have such dedicated adults serving on their council, including the sitting Master of Carmel 421 Robh Zuniga.  Job’s Daughters meets on the Second and Fourth Mondays of every month and is open to young women ages 10 – 20.  Contact Samantha Schultz, Bethel Guardian for more information. 317.789.5159 or [email protected]  You can also visit the Indiana Job’s Daughters web page @ www.injdi.org 



If you know someone interested in joining Job’s Daughters please contact Carmel #421 member Brandon Schultz, PM, via our Carmel #421 contact form.