We recently had the pleasure of celebrating the advancement of our two newest Fellow Craft in an evening that was both meaningful and memorable. Their journey is a testament to their dedication and passion for Masonry, and we are all excited to see them grow within our fraternity.

Special thanks to Dave Reynolds, SW for his leadership performing as WM, and to Carlo Nepomuceno, SD for his remarkable contributions to the ceremony. Your efforts helped create a truly enriching experience for everyone involved.

We also owe a big thank you to Ron de Leon and Guilherme Salome for their lectures, which added depth and enlightenment to our gathering. Michel Salloum also contributed to make this a terrific degree.

Our gratitude extends as well to Merle Kranning, JW not only for his remarkable contributions to the ceremony but also for nourishing us all with a delicious meal before the meeting. Merle’s culinary talents and dedication to the lodge are deeply appreciated.

To all our Carmel Brethren and visiting members from other lodges, thank you for your support and fellowship. Your presence made the evening all the more special for our newly obligated brothers.

If you missed this occasion, we look forward to seeing you on May 2nd for the Master Mason Degree. It promises to be another event full of learning, fellowship, and growth!