For those of you who didn’t know – Carmel #421 is the regular meeting place of Job’s Daughters “Bethel #68” (every second Monday night, for next date and/or info contact WM Brandon Schultz for details).

What is Job’s Daughters? From the Indiana Job’s Daughters website

” Job’s Daughters is the premier leadership organization for young women today. Our members grow to be polite young women, while at the same time learning skills that will serve them throughout their lives.”

Bethel #68 has recently grown from just a couple regular members to almost a full house.  Much of this to do with the tireless efforts of the the Bethel members (including their sister and dual members from Southport #32), the Bethel Guardians, and the unwavering support of Carmel Masonic Lodge #421 and their Masons (including our own WM Brandon Schultz who has two daughters in Bethel #68, is a Bethel Officer, and even has another daughter in waiting!)

If you’ve not yet been to a Bethel #68 meeting – we encourage you to attend.  Carmel #421 Masons are always warmly welcomed when they visit a Bethel #68 meeting (Dinner Served at 6pm, Meeting at 7pm).

If you have a daughter aged 10-20 who may be interested in joining Job’s Daughters visit their website – or for information about Bethel #68 contact WM Brandon Schultz for details.

Job’s Daughters is open to girls ages 10 to 20.