Congratulations to brother Reynald Briones and Robert Hedin on receiving the Fellow Craft degree last night at Carmel Masonic Lodge #421.

Much thanks goes to honorary #421 lodge member Barrett Muir (for superb degree work) and PM Rick Hurwitz (421 WM 2013)  for his help.  On such a cold night, the choice of preparing a hot and delicious spaghetti dinner (by 2014 Junior Warden Nate Howard) was pure genius.   Afterwards and without interruption, many brothers attended further study at the library.

Are you interested in becoming a Mason or want to check us out for a family member? Come out to our lodge at 6pm each Thursday and stay for dinner (ceremonies and degree work are for lodge members only). You can meet Carmel Lodge 421 Masons, ask questions and get some answers. For many, joining a local Masonic lodge has been one of the most rewarding decisions of their lives.  Contact us here.