Thanks Matt!

…for all you’ve done at 421.  But I guess we should have started this note by saying – thanks for being such a good friend!

(but to argue which had more value would require a Masonic committee appointed …and you know how long that would take to work out)

Looking back, perhaps we can both agree that we should thank the Lodge – because without it – we would not have had the pleasure of knowing you.

For the past year and a bit, your contribution to Carmel Lodge #421 has been known to all who have spent time there.  You’ve been more than just a member, you’ve been an integral part of the daily lodge operation.  You cared so much for it – and us.  And now we struggle to keep up with what you helped accomplish for the lodge. Don’t worry, we’ll try our very best to uphold the quality of the work you did.

Now that you’re moving on, we just wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure knowing you.  No one doubted your commitment to our lodge and your commitment to (and your love of) the brotherhood of Masonry.

The time we had has been what Masonry was supposed to be about.  And as you know – it’s supposed to be about friendships, and about good moral character.  All of which you brought to our lodge – by the bushelful.

So we wish you well Matt. Even if we didn’t all get a chance to tell you that in person.

The best of Masonry happened while you were here (no, darn it – the best of life happened) – and we are all richer for it!

We wish your moving away wasn’t so – but we are happy for you and Rene.  We envy the lodge that gets you.  Perhaps Rene can tone it down a litte …but probably not.

Thanks Matt! …& Good Luck!!!