The Colts game with the Saints is scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 8:00 pm.  Organized by the Scottish Rite, the block of 400 tickets are selling fast and a limited quantity remain.  If you are still interested please call the Indiana Council Of Deliberation (Scottish Rite) offices at (317) 262-3104 or register via the online electronic form link below.

Please note that you do NOT have to be a Scottish Rite Member – only a Mason – to attend this special event.

The link below asks for your Scottish Rite member name – non members just use the Name you are registered to in your Blue Lodge. For “Degree” choose the first choice, for “Valley” choose “Indianapolis”.  Doing so will allow your form to be submitted.  You will still receive your tickets upon confirmation of your lodge membership.  You can also make a Credit Card Payment by Calling Donna Cofer at (317) 262-3104



Ticket price is $98/each and Scottish Rite members must purchase a special shirt for this event for $15.00/each if participating in the flag ceremony. Shirts are a polo style and will have the Colt’s Logo, Scottish Rite Double Headed Eagle, and Square & Compasses (Shown Left). Hats will also include similar logo designs with the Colts on the front and Masonic emblems on the sides.

Special Limited Offer: The Indiana Council of Deliberation has a total of four (4) tickets to watch the game from a suite at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Price is $250.00/each and these are available on a first come, first served basis.  If you are interested in these tickets, please call the COD office at (317) 262-3104 IMMEDIATELY!!!

We are also aware that the Indiana Grand Lodge website is now closed on this event. To ensure that as many Indiana Freemasons have the opportunity to attend this fantastic event, we will be making tickets available to non Scottish Rite Masons and their guests.

Note: #421 Chaplain Jack Moorman has confirmed he is going to this game.  IF you would like to attend and accompany other #421 Masons – please email our lodge via our lodge Contact Form and ask to contact Jack Moorman.