(Yes, you read that right.)

After years of grumbling discussion, it finally happened. Carmel 421 has advanced into the 2000’s. So get your credit card out, and head on over to our website and you can have your dues paid in moments with no scribbling and licking!

The payment option is on the Contact Us page of 421’s website https://carmel421.com/pay-annual-dues/

Important Notes:

  • Annual Dues are always due by Dec 31.
  • If you don’t pay on time, bylaws require your brothers to spend time tracking you down or suspending you.
  • This new service only covers dues and building fund donations for now. We are working on adding all the donation options listed on the official statement.
  • If you are unable to pay (i.e. medical disabilities, financial straits, etc), please contact us right away!