Hamilton County COVID-19 Update 8-29-2021


Due to the reported resurgence of COVID cases and the unfortunate upgrade of Hamilton County to ORANGE on the Indiana matrix map as of August 25, 2021, our team has decided to limit all degree work at Carmel Lodge #421 until further notice.

The Lodge trestle-board has been updated to reflect this new change.

Stated meetings and other disclosed activities will continue on, with enforced restrictions and guidelines.


  • *Please note, we follow the Grand Lodge of Indiana's Covid-19 social distancing guidelines at all our lodge events. Masks are required by all, and those who may be sick or at risk, are staying home with many healthy or "at-risk" members and/or guests watching our Masonic Education events online.  If you are in good health and do not have significant health risks, consider attending at our lodge and joining our other brothers meeting at the lodge. For more information see Covid-19 News and Updates.

Did you know that ...you DO NOT have to be a Mason to attend our social events?  That's true, and if you're interested in Masonry, or becoming a Mason you are fully welcome to attend any of of social nights (or for our dinners, 6pm to 7pm, held before any meetings at our lodge each Thurs) and meet our awesome Masons.  No notice is necessary, but if you want to RSVP, just send a note to our lodge Secretary via our lodge contact form.

To see when our next lodge social is, check out our lodge calendar (aka "Trestle Board") to see our activity schedule.