In a world burgeoning with opportunities yet fraught with challenges, the nurturing environment offered by Job’s Daughters Bethel #68 emerges as a beacon of empowerment, community service, and personal growth for young women aged between 10 and 20. This esteemed organization not only fosters enduring friendships but also engenders confidence and self-assuredness, enabling its members to navigate life with grace and skill. Delve into the holistic benefits of becoming a part of this vibrant community.

Main Benefits of Joining Job’s Daughters, Bethel #68

Joining Bethel #68 offers a nurturing ground for young women, where they can flourish both personally and socially. Here are the key takeaways:

– Promotion of Friendship and Self-Confidence

  • Being part of a group of like-minded individuals promotes a sense of belonging and nurtures deep-seated friendships.
  • The safe and supportive environment encourages members to express themselves openly, fostering self-confidence.

– Skill Development

  • Members acquire a variety of skills that stand them in good stead throughout life, be it in personal or professional spheres.

– Community Service

  • A significant emphasis is laid on serving the community, instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion towards others.

– Fun and Fulfillment

  • Above all, the activities are designed to be fun, ensuring that members enjoy their time while learning and growing together.

Tradition, Order, and Equality

Bethel #68 takes immense pride in the traditions that govern its functioning:

– Traditional Grecian Robes

  • The Bethel officers don the traditional Grecian robes, embodying the principles of democracy and equality that the organization staunchly upholds.

– Well-Structured Meetings

  • Meetings are held bi-monthly, offering a structured environment where members can plan and conduct programs with the assistance of certified adult volunteers.

– Opportunities for Social Interaction and Leadership

  • Members have numerous opportunities to interact socially and take up roles within the Bethel officers line, facilitating personal growth and leadership skills development.

Basic Requirements for Joining

To join this enriching journey, aspiring members need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You must be a girl aged between 10 and 20 years.
  • Uphold good moral character.
  • Believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, irrespective of denomination.
  • Have a Masonic connection in the family, or secure a Masonic sponsor, or be related to a Majority Member.

How to Join?

Embarking on this fulfilling path is straightforward:

1. Obtain a petition for membership from a known Bethel #68 member, during events or open houses, or by reaching out directly to the Bethel.
2. Submit the filled petition to initiate the membership process.


Joining Job’s Daughters Bethel #68 opens doors to a nurturing community that goes beyond just friendship. It is a place where young women learn to lead, to serve, and to forge bonds that last a lifetime, all while having fun. Encouraging the development of a strong moral character and a confident self, it prepares them to step into the future with courage and wisdom. The journey with Bethel #68 promises not just growth but a pathway to becoming the best version of oneself, fostering leaders who are grounded in tradition yet forward-looking in vision.


Job's Daughters meets on the Second and Fourth Mondays of every month and is open to young women ages 10 - 20.  Contact Samantha Schultz, Bethel Guardian for more information. 317.789.5159 or [email protected]  You can also visit the Indiana Job's Daughters web page @


Who We Are:

Job’s Daughters International is where shy girls turn into confident young women. Our members grow alongside their peers and find their voice in a safe and supportive environment. The girls lead themselves and plan their own activities, learning teamwork and problem solving along the way.

Job's Daughters Mission:

Our mission is centered on supporting the next generation of leaders. Our Founder had a radical idea in 1920 to create an organization just for girls. We honor her legacy by continuing to support our members in breaking boundaries. No goal is too big – we’ll just teach you how to get there.