Carmel Chapter of DeMolay is holding an informal and very casual meeting this Wednesday (9-4-2013) at the Carmel Lodge.  Pizza and Sodas will be provided for Dinner/Snacking at 7pm.  The Lodge will be unlocked by 6:30pm if you would like to come by sooner.
The purpose of this very casual meeting is to bring the young leaders together to discuss:
  • What nights and times they would like to meet
  • What inital activities they would like to begin planning
  • Discuss the process of Chartering the Chapter
  • Inventory any DeMolay materials currently existing and what will be needed
  • Divide responsibilities and agree on next steps
We will be done by 8:30 and all are welcome to attend and participate.  Please plan to join if your schedule permits.   Am glad to coordinate/provide rides if such is needed.  Contact me personally if there are any questions.
Contact: Jay Price


The Lodge is located immediately across the street from the Carmel High School and the Carmel Library in downtown Carmel.