Carmel Lodge #421 Masons were recently honored by Job’s Daughters, Bethel 68. Five of the attending Carmel #421 Masons had never been to a Job’s Daughter meeting, or had previously taken the Job’s Daughters “Pledge of Honor”. Thanks to Bethels 67, 68, 107, & 108 for participating in this special event.

The April 22nd meeting room was full and the Pledge of Allegiance Ceremony was fabulous. Carmel Lodge #421 Masons were VERY impressed with the ritual, and had a lot fun learning all about Job’s Daughters.

Did you know Bethel 68 meets regularly at Carmel Lodge #421?  (They do.  Check the lodge trestle board for their next meeting or visit their Facebook page at  Bethel 68 invites all Masons to visit their meetings!  Thanks to Carol Titus, Bethel Guardian, 68 for photos and info.

About Job’s Daughters:

From website: “Job’s Daughters is the premier leadership organization for young women today. Our members grow to be polite young women, while at the same time learning skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Our girls learn how to run a business meeting, parlimentary procedure, planning events, and public speaking, just to name a few.  There are also lots of opportunities to travel, do community service, meet new people, compete in arts, ritual, and sports competitions, have lots of fun, and most importantly, create friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Job’s Daughters requires all its members (ages 10-20 are eligible) to have a (familial) relationship to a Master Mason, and while it is no part of the Masonic Fraternity, this pre-requisite ties it closely to the Masonic Order. (A daughter of a Majority Member shall also be eligible for membership)

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Carmel 421 Master Masons honored by Job's Daughters, Bethel 68.

Carmel 421 Master Masons honored by Job’s Daughters, Bethel 68.