Congratulation to Carmel Lodge #421’s newest Entered Apprentices – brothers Preston Daniels, Paul Florien, and Anthony Forrest!

With the night being inspired by our very own PM Bill Sanders (whom we all wish a speedy recovery from recent heart surgery)  “421” came together to meet and then surpass a number of hefty challenges.  First off, the craft would follow their plan to “pass leadership forward” and cover the EA degree with a substitute WM – no less an inexperienced (as a WM) Junior Warden who had never yet sat in the “big chair”.  Secondly, for our first EA of the year, three candidates would have to be managed seamlessly through the degree.  Thirdly, …well sometimes you get surprises and go to a “mystic place where things can go awry”  …of which Masons have repeatedly learned to adapt and overcome.  Yep, our night had its own share of surprises – and for some will now be known as the “Pants degree” (for a giggle, just ask a brother and he’ll fill you in).

All in all – the degree was a smashing success.  The craft, performed admirably and in many cases – remarkably.  We truly have a good group of men. And our lodge just added three more.  Masonry is in a good place when all this happens.  The candidates – who stood at the end of the night as brothers – were sincerely impressed and satisfied with their evening.

The lodge officers would like to thank our visitors and PM Bryan Schultz, PM Harold Dickson, and PM Steve Burnstein, who joined us in the sublime event (beloved PM Rick Hurwitz participated in the degree, and current 421 WM Ian Sullivan carried the JW duties with perfection).  We also thrilled to see additional brothers we had not seen recently.

Last but not least, a delicious dinner of “Italian Beef”, potato salads, and desert was served to perfection by SS Travis Wolf.  Thank you Travis – for stepping up and doing the job flawlessly!