In the realm of youth organizations that focus on leadership development and community service, Job’s Daughters stands out as a beacon of empowerment for young women. One significant event within this organization is the Installation of Officers, a ceremony that marks the transition of leadership roles and responsibilities. Let’s delve into the significance of this event and how it contributes to the growth and development of its members. 2024 marks the 100 anniversary of Job’s Daughters in Indiana. Saturday January 13, saw Miss Sydney Schultz, Honored Queen, pass the torch of leadership to her sister Josie in a ceremony attended by friends, family and members past and present.

Job’s Daughters is a Masonic-affiliated youth organization that provides a platform for young women to develop leadership skills, foster lifelong friendships, and engage in meaningful community service. Central to its values is the belief in the importance of instilling qualities of leadership, responsibility, and respect in its members.

The Installation of Officers is a ceremonial event that symbolizes the passing of the torch from one set of leaders to the next. This ritualistic transition underscores the organization’s commitment to nurturing leadership qualities in its members. Each officer, representing a specific role within the organization, takes an oath to uphold the principles of Job’s Daughters and serve the community with dedication. Sydney has been leading Bethel 68 as Honored Queen since 2019. She worked hard to keep the Bethel going during the time of Covid which was particularly challenging for Job’s Daughters as a whole as in person meetings were not permitted for many months, even as other organizations were able to resume.

The Installation of Officers in Job’s Daughters is more than just a ceremony; it is a testament to the organization’s dedication to shaping young women into confident, capable leaders. As the torch is passed from one generation of officers to the next, the spirit of empowerment and community service continues to burn bright, illuminating the path for future leaders in Job’s Daughters.

The Bethel looks forward to Josie’s term as Honored Queen, along with her sister Bernie who will serve as Junior Princess, Abby who will serve as 5th messenger, Karma who will be Librarian, Rae who will be Treasurer and Maddy and Gabby who will be part of the choir. There are many fun and exciting times ahead in this 100 year of Job’s Daughters and Josie can’t wait to lead the Bethel in accomplishing them.


Job's Daughters meets on the Second and Fourth Mondays of every month and is open to young women ages 10 - 20.  Contact Samantha Schultz, Bethel Guardian for more information. 317.789.5159 or [email protected]  You can also visit the Indiana Job's Daughters web page @


Who We Are:

Job’s Daughters International is where shy girls turn into confident young women. Our members grow alongside their peers and find their voice in a safe and supportive environment. The girls lead themselves and plan their own activities, learning teamwork and problem solving along the way.

Job's Daughters Mission:

Our mission is centered on supporting the next generation of leaders. Our Founder had a radical idea in 1920 to create an organization just for girls. We honor her legacy by continuing to support our members in breaking boundaries. No goal is too big – we’ll just teach you how to get there.