Last Thursday night was an action packed affair as three new Master Mason’s were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason!  The three Carmel Masonic Lodge #421 Fellow Craft’s raised to Master Mason were James Bose, Allen Huang, and Travis Wolf. 

Lodge Tyler Charles Sparks was laid up after recent hip surgery and so the Tyler position was filled in by PM Billy Sanders and MM Dave Pancak.  Additional assistance in the degree work was performed by Bill Mount, Jaye Blazier, Harold Dickason,  Neil Anger, and district representative Steve Burnstein.  Special thanks to Adam Bryan and Dave Pencak for their help with important degree stuff we can’t talk about here 🙂

Junior Warden Ian “The Butcher” Sullivan served a nutritious and delicious dinner of lasagna and salad.

Event records (paper or computer), all general management, general oversight, general “worry”, and most importantly all things related to the progress of the lodge  – were in the steady and capable hands of our Lodge Secretary and Master Mason David “Lou-uh-vol” Hommel (not pictured above because he was also acting as photographer).

After the degree, many brothers (including two of our newest Master Masons) retired to Woody’s Library for further “study and reflection”.


In Masonry, there is no degree that can be conferred higher than the Master Mason degree.  In addition, when conferring the degree of a Master Mason, all attendees must also be Master Masons.

If you have thought about joining our historical fraternity and completing the same esoteric work that was important part of the lives of many of the founding fathers such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and many others, come walk in their footsteps. Masonry was a major influence in the founding of our country and it still effects men of good moral character. If you believe in a Supreme Being, want to be a part of a fraternity that is known for its charitable work in the community and are interested in petitioning for the three degrees of masonry, please join us for dinner.

Stated Meetings start at 7:00 pm, 2nd Thursday of every month with dinner at 06:30 pm. All visiting brothers and interested men over 18 are invited to attend.

Pancake breakfast 2nd Saturday of every month, 07:30am-10:30am – The public is invited (you do not have to be a Mason to attend and this is a great place to meet Masons if you have an interest or questions).

Carmel 421 is often considered a younger lodge (by average age of its active members) however the lodge was chartered May 24, 1870.

If you have an interest in Masonry or membership, check out our Masonic Resources here.