Discovering a Captivating Format For An Entered Apprentice Lecture

Discovering a Captivating Format For An Entered Apprentice Lecture

Last week, something exciting happened at a Masonic event. WB Neil Anger and Brother Merle Kranning performed a unique Lecture of the Entered Apprentice Degree. Their performance was something new to many of the Masons present, including the lodge Secretary/Past Master who had been a member for 37 years.

Below is a letter received 3/16/23 from the lodge Secretary Fred Golgart, PM:

Worshipful Master, Wardens, Secretary and Brethren of Carmel Lodge No. 421,

Last Wednesday, March 15, 2023, New Palestine Lodge No. 404 initiated two worthy candidates on the Entered Apprenticed Degree.

As Secretary, I often attempt to assist in pre-arranging assistance for the lectures of the degree work.  It was my privilege to happen to see WB Neil Anger and meet Brother Merle Kranning at another Masonic function last Monday evening.  As we spoke, they told me about how they have recently learned a captivating format to deliver a Lecture of the Entered Apprentice Degree.  I explained to them that in my 37 years of being a Mason, I had never heard it done in that format and invited them to attend our EA Degree on Wednesday evening.  Fortunately for us, they graciously accepted.

Worshipful Master, they need to take this lecture on the road – WOW !  WOW !  WOW!

I have heard some good lecturers in my years, but I have NEVER heard a Lecture performed so uniquely and I was blown away with excitement.  I have never learned so much from this lecture as I did that night.  The excitement in their voices beamed through as every Brother in the room listened intently to the delivery.  They were magnificent!

I guess you can’t tell that we really liked the lecturer, can you?
I am PROUD that I call these two men my Friends and Brothers !  This is what Masonry is about – getting out there & visiting other Lodges and sharing your craft.  They have a standing invitation to come to New Palestine Lodge No. 404!
Please read this in open Lodge and give them our heart felt gratitude to WB Neil Anger and Brother Merle Kranning!
Thank you!
Thanks & Have a Great Day & Be Safe,
Fred Golgart, PM, Sec’y
New Palestine Lodge No. 404
655 Crossfield Drive
Indianapolis, IN. 46239

We sure are proud of our #421 Masons. If you’d like to request PM Anger and Merle Kranning to perform this lecture at your next EA degree – please contact our Secretary.

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Carmel Masonic Lodge #421 has a reputation as an open, welcoming Masonic lodge. We continue to attract both new members and transfers. Many lodge members, who haven’t been regularly attending lodge, find the friendly and active atmosphere at “421” results in a desire to attend more often, get more involved in degree work, or simply come out and join us at the next fun social.

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Matt Lackner
Matt Lackner
12:52 02 Oct 20
Nice building and warmly welcomed by my brothers there. Happy that I could help our brothers welcome some friends into our fraternity.
John Crow Dog
John Crow Dog
12:50 08 Aug 18
Wonderful Brotherhood the camaraderie is top-tier
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Nathan Weaver
17:10 08 Jul 17
How do I join
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Michael Langdon
22:29 10 Sep 22
Very good food for breakfast, on the 2nd Saturday of the month, 7-10:30
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Jeff Conrad
18:18 11 Apr 22
An excellent group of people! Welcoming, fun and civic-minded.
Brian Ross
Brian Ross
23:44 05 May 18
Fun group of people to hang out with.
Dave Philpott
Dave Philpott
21:20 08 Apr 22
Masonry seeks to "make good men better." Carmel Masonic Lodge #421 is an excellent representation of what Masonry is all about. If you are interested in joining the Masons, you should ask a Mason about becoming a Mason. Potential members are... required to be male, at least 18 years of age, hold a belief in God, are of good moral character, and have resided in Indiana for at least 6 months. Check? Then you petition (via a member) and then can discover all the "secrets" of Masonry, make a ton of new friends, have a lot of fun, and do some good works for your fraternal brothers and the community!read more
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