Brother James A. Brooks was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft.

Before the work, all Brothers convened for a wonderful spaghetti dinner which was prepared by Brother Brandon Schultz, and accompanying which were cookies baked by him.

The following officers present: Rick Hurwitz W.M.; Bryan Schultz S.W; Josh Lore, PM as J.W.; (N/A Treasurer); Dave Hommel  Secretary;  Nathan Howard, S.D.; Dave Philpott, as J.D.; Wilfredo Geronimo Chaplain; Aaron Pilcher S.S.; Brandon Schultz, J.S.; Ken Ruckersfeldt, PM DGL as Tyler.

Much thanks again to Ken Ruckersfeldt, PM DGL for his humble assistance and valued participation in the nights work.

If you have thought about joining our historical fraternity and completing the same esoteric work that was important part of the lives of many of the founding fathers such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and many others, come walk in their footsteps. Masonry was a major influence in the founding of our country and it still effects men of good moral character. If you believe in a Supreme Being, want to be a part of a fraternity that is known for its charitable work in the community and are interested in petitioning for the three degrees of masonry, please join us for dinner.

Stated Meetings start at 7:00 pm, 2nd Thursday of every month with dinner at 06:30 pm. All visiting brothers and interested men over 18 are invited to attend.

Pancake breakfast 2nd Saturday of every month, 07:30am-10:30am – The public is invited (you do not have to be a Mason to attend and this is a great place to meet Masons if you have an interest or questions).

Carmel 421 is often considered a young lodge (by average age of active members) however the lodge was chartered May 24, 1870.

If you have an interest in Masonry or membership, check out our resources here.