Carmel Lodge #421 hosted this years Lodge of Instruction sharing the LOI duties with visiting Hamilton Lodge #533. Both lodges have new officers for 2014 and these new officers came to learn with (always patient and helpful) Grand Lodge Instructor Dave Trobaugh overseeing ritual performances (Carmel had part of EA, and Hamilton part of MM).

Carmel Lodge considers Hamilton #533 Lodge member Jaye Blazier, PM an honorary 421 member, and so it was a great pleasure to see Jaye at #421 again.  The same sentiment goes to our beloved District Officer Steve Burnstein, PM who was also present to assist.   Many past and newer #421 and #533 members attended and/or participated in the work, making the night a successful learning experience for all.

Both lodges agreed they had a wonderful dinner – particularly noting a “strawberry and whipped cream with custard desert” made by 421 Junior Warden Nate Howard’s wife (Irina Howard thank you again!).

May both lodges use what was learned tonight and apply the knowledge to make 2014 one of the best years ever!