Carmel #421 is thrilled to share that Brother Wayne Hansen is our new Worshipful Master for the upcoming year! His leadership promises a bright and dynamic future for our lodge.

Congratulations to all the newly elected officers who will stand alongside him. They embody our lodge’s core values of brotherhood, integrity, and community service, and are set to make significant contributions in their new roles.

Let’s wholeheartedly support Worshipful Master Hansen and his team as we embark on this exciting journey together. Here’s to a year of growth, unity, and making a positive difference in our community!

2024 Officers:

Wayne Hansen      WM

Dave Reynolds          SW
Merle Kranning           JW
Carlo Nepomuceno     SD
Cesar Garcia               JD
Byron Volgamore         SS
Michel Salloum             JS
Rob Wisneski               Tyler
Dave Philpott,PM        Secretary
Robh Zuniga, PM        Assistant Secretary
Billy Sanders, PM   Assistant Secretary
Neil Anger, PM    Assistant Secretary
Jerry Harvey                 Treasurer
John Harding                Chaplain
Donny Woodcock   Trustee
Jim Williams, PM        Trustee
Merle Kranning         Trustee