This invite is open to all current Masons who would like additional light or haven’t been to a meeting to a while to brush up on lodge protocol, Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft proficiency.

EA and FC light and proficiency work will be conducted this Thursday 8/8/2013 before the stated meeting. All candidates and brothers are invited to learn additional light not normally covered in proficiency training. Below is the agenda:
5:00 pm Open with EA Basic light and lodge protocol
5:15 pm EA crossfire (bring your Cypher A book if you have it)
5:30 pm FC Light and additional information (EAs will be asked to leave the room and may continue to study in another area of the lodge)
5:50 pm FC crossfire (bring your Cypher B book)

If either runs over a little we will push this schedule back a few minutes, but will complete training by 6:15 to make fellowship dinner before the stated meeting. If you cannot make the training, but need it before the next degree day, please contact Brother Jack Moorman to schedule another class Saturday morning at 10:00 am.

Fraternally yours,
Bro. Jack Moorman