Carmel Lodge #421 awarded Brother Charles Bruce Blackwell the 50-Year Award of Gold during its September Stated Meeting on 14th September 2023.
The 50-year award of gold in Freemasonry is a testament to a lifetime of unwavering dedication, commitment, and service to the principles of this ancient and honorable fraternity. This prestigious recognition is not merely a milestone; it is a shining beacon of an individual’s enduring commitment to the craft.
For five decades, these dedicated Freemasons have walked the path of enlightenment, using the tools of morality and virtue to shape their character and influence the world around them. They have stood as pillars of wisdom, charity, and brotherly love, demonstrating the timeless values upon which Freemasonry was founded.
May this milestone serve as a reminder that in Freemasonry, as in life, the true treasures are the virtues we cultivate, the friendships we forge, and the lasting impact we make on the world. The 50-year award of gold is a symbol of these enduring values and a tribute to those who have embodied them for half a century, lighting the way for generations to come.