Hamilton County COVID-19 Update

The reported, increase of COVID cases within Hamilton County has officially upgraded Hamilton County from BLUE to YELLOW on the Indiana metrix map, as of April 7, 2021.

With activities having resumed, as a precaution, our team will require participating members to wearing masks inside lodge. Please remain mindful and respectful to those who have yet to receive the COVID vaccine, or remain in a “high risk” state.

The above update will not change anything planned on our trestle-board at this time. Thank you for everyone’s patience with these changes.


  • *Please note, we follow the Grand Lodge of Indiana's Covid-19 social distancing guidelines at all our lodge events. Masks are required by all, and those who may be sick or at risk, are staying home with many healthy or "at-risk" members and/or guests watching our Masonic Education events online.  If you are in good health and do not have significant health risks, consider attending at our lodge and joining our other brothers meeting at the lodge. For more information see Covid-19 News and Updates.